> You can make a shell script like this to show textual representation of EXIF:
> #!/bin/sh
> exiftool "$1" \
> | zenity --text-info --font=Monospace --width=800 --height=600 --title="$1"
> Or like this to copy it directly to clipboard:
> #!/bin/sh
> exiftool "$1" | xsel
> And then set this script as an external editor in Geeqie.
> You can also use another tools like exiv2 and customize output as you
> need using tool's options or grep/sed.

Hmmm, could I set up an action to copy the contents of a single field
(Exif.Image.DocumentName for example) to the clipboard?  If so, where
is that set up and how do I access it from the GUI?  I'm hoping for
something in the right click -> Edit menu.

- Grant

>> Hello, I need the ability to copy EXIF data to the clipboard from the
>> metadata viewer in Linux.  Is anyone willing to work on this in
>> exchange for payment?

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