Someone recently posted a message on github pointing out a problem with
thumbnail cache folders.
In addition to this problem, the code seems to be inconsistent in where it
thinks the cache should be.

Geeqie can save thumbnails is two formats:
Standard format as specified in the freedesktop docs; all thumbnails in a
single folder, with a filename created by a MD5 hash.
Geeqie format, in a hierarchical tree replicating the location of the source
images, and with a filename of the original source appended by .png.

The standard (freedesktop) cache location is clearly defined:
or, if the environment variable is not set:

But where should the Geeqie format thumbnails be cached?
1. $HOME/.cache/geeqie/thumbnails (even if the XDG environment variable is
2. $XDG_CACHE_HOME/geeqie/thumbnails
3. $XDG_CACHE_HOME/thumbnails/geeqie/
4. None of the above?

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