trying to get to know babl (wrt the LCH layer modes), quite a few 
questions came up that made me wish for a babl 'Conversion implentor's 
guide'. (If such a document exists just disregard the rest of this mail 
-- but please show me where).

So maybe the best I could do for starters is write such guide -- as long 
as I still remember what the questions are of someone newly confronted 
with babl. But I'll need a little help with the answers... ;o)

First, two general questions about babl:
- babl decides which conversion to use, based on speed and accuracy. Is
   that a build-time or run-time decision?
- What is the reference for judging accuracy?

Adding conversions to babl:
I haven't gone deep into the babl source yet (and hope I won't have to), 
so the following is a mixture of my best guesses and some open questions.
I'll be glad for 'yes/no' confirmations and of course any additional 

- Create source file in subdirectory 'extensions' and add it to
   extensions/Makefile.am. The rest is automagic.

- Source must have 'int init (void)' function which announces/registers
   the new conversions:

   - Register color model and its components using
          [ what about "luma", "chroma", "alpha"? ]
          [ lots of parameter possibilities... ]

     [ naive-CMYK e.g. registers "CMYK" but not "RGBA". I assume RGBA is
       a core-format that can always be relied on to exist? Is there a
       list of such formats?
       PS: babl-core.c suggests that RGBA (+ its components) is the only
           hardcoded model, along with the PAD component and the double
       PPS: babl-base.c has additional types and models:
            types: float/u8/u16/u32
            models: (plus respective components Ra/R'/R'a etc.)
                     RGB: RGB/RaGaBaA/R'G'B'/R'G'B'A/R'aG'aB'aA
                    Gray: Y/YA/YaA/Y'/Y'A/Y'aA
                   YCbCr: YCbCr/YCbCrA... now it gets confusing. Where
                          the hell does "y'" come from?
       PPPS: Maybe I should just compile w/o extensions and see what
             comes out?

   - Register the new provided conversions using babl_conversion_new().
     [ What are "linear", "plane", "planar" ? ]

   - Default data type of components is 'double'. Others can be
     registered using babl_format_new().

   - Specifying additional formats with babl_format_new() doesn't mean
     you have to provide conversions for those. You can leave it to babl
     to find a way.
     [ Or maybe not? naive-CMYK registers a "CMYK float" format without
       defining any conversions. BablFishPath.html shows that format w/o
       any conversions to or from it. ]

   - The components of one format don't all have to have the same data

   - New data types (e.g. integer with certain ranges) can be added using

That's it for now.


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