On 09/15/2010 05:11 PM, Rupert Weber wrote:

> And now that double formats exist for all models, shouldn't we consider
> deprecating model-to-model conversions alltogether?

ok, scratch that. (I'll just keep talking to myself...)
I just found out the hard way what model-to-model conversions are about:
1. They can only be from/to RGBA (that part was easy)
2. For every new model, model-to-model conversions *must* be supplied. 
Those are the reference conversions which babl assumes to have an error 
of 0. Replacing those by the respective double format-to-format 
conversions doesn't work.

I'll have to amend the guide accordingly.

What I haven't tried yet: What happens if two extensions supply 
model-to-model conversions for the same format, but with different results?


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