On 1/21/11, (Ry)akiotakis (An)tonis wrote:
> Hi, I am browsing through the branch and some documentation right now.
> I will try to compile the branch soon, see how it goes. I have a
> recent card (NVIDIA 8400GS) and it supports all features adequately.
> Floating point render targets are supported on almost every OpenGL 2.0
> cpable card (Radeon 9600+, NVIDIA 5xxx+).
> Problem arises with 16bit integer pixel formats that are actually
> supported on OpenGL 3.0 capable cards.
> Well, I will keep sending info/questions/comments as I go...not much
> time to spend yet unfortunately, it's an exam period right now :)

Thank you for your interest anyway :)

Alexandre Prokoudine
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