Hello again,
I am creating a application with GUI for testing custom made gegl modules.
Before using a gegl operation I have to initialize gegl by calling gegl_init().
At that moment all modules at GEGL_PATH and subfolders are loaded to the

At first I thought that using gegl_exit() should delete (unref and free)
module_db. A bit of testing revealed some unpleasant surprises. Even after
gegl_exit() I am still able to access GeglNodes a gegl methods as if no exit was

Then what is method gegl_exit() good for?

Moreover after gegl_exit() (and cleared module_db) I called gegl_init() again to
populate module_db with new set of modules. But error occurred:

ERROR:gegl-init.c:468:gegl_post_parse_hook: assertion failed: (global_time == 0)

I don't know why this error occurred. Seems to me that gegl_init() can be called
only once. But that would mean I won't be able to refresh module_db on the fly.

Why can't I call gegl_init() after gegl_exit() when gegl has been ended?

That leads to the crucial question:
Is there any way to reload (or manipulate with) module_db at runtime?

Thank you for any answer. Right now I am quite lost.

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