On 17 April 2011 23:28, Øyvind Kolås <pip...@gimp.org> wrote:
> Setting GEGL_CACHE_SIZE=1300 or so, should have a similar effect,
> hopefully GEGL wouldn't need to make everying swap. (not that in doing
> so you should _not_ set GEGL_SWAP=RAM). I noticed that setting

I tried on a desktop machine with a fast harddrive and it's much
quicker, thank you for your help. This is 2 x 2.7GHz Opterons 254s,
4gb of ram, 10k rpm hard drive:

               gegl-0.1.6, default settings
                        50s r, 44s u
               gegl-0.1.6, BABL_TOLERANCE=0.004
                        46s r, 39s u
               gegl-0.1.6, BABL_TOLERANCE=0.004, GEGL_SWAP=RAM
                        41s r, 39s u (memuse peaks at 1.8gb)
               + 8-bit PNG output
                        38s r, 36s u

I'm puzzled as to why 8-bit output makes so little difference, you'd
think there would be rather a large improvement. I experimented with
GeglNode::dont_cache but I wasn't able to bring memuse down without
slowing the program horribly.

I'm still not certain I'm hitting the fast BABL path though, if I run
in callgrind I see 56m calls to pow(), 10% of total run time. 56m is
roughly output image size * 3, if that helps track it down.

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