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> Hi,
> what would be the best-practice to check if two BablFormats are the
> same? I would need something like:
> Babl *format1 = babl_format("R'G'B' u8");
> Babl *format2 = babl_format("CIE Lab float");
> if(is_same_format(format1, format2))

if (format1 == format2)
  { ... } else { ... }

But do note that internally babl will provide you with a memcpy
instead of a conversion if the passed in formats are the same; thus
this should only be neccesary if direct access with no copies
whatsoever is an option where used.

> { ... } else { ... }

> Also I would need to get the current source- and destination-format of
> a fish.
> Is that possible?

BablFishes never change their source nor destination formats, and at
the moment the source and destination formats of fishes are not
exposed bu the publicly installed headers for babl.

/Øyvind K.
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