On 1 June 2011 05:57, Sayak <sayak...@yahoo.com> wrote:
> Thanks to all, i have successfully compiled GEGL in windows using MSYS/MinGW. 
> I
> have tested several C-codes and all are running. Now, in the next step, i need
> to use the C-code as a native code and call it using JNI to Android 
> programming.
> I have heard of GEGL GObject introspection file at gegl/Gegl-0.1.gir. Please
> tell me how to use this file to generate JNI and Java code automatically. by 
> the
> way, i didnt find any .gir file in my system...
The .gir and .typelib will only be built if you have the required
libraries for introspection available at build time.
Using the .gir file for bindings has very little to do with Gegl. That
is a general GObject introspection topic, and you should use the
GObject introspection communication channels for questions about it.

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