gegl-qt is an integration library for using GEGL in Qt based applications.

gegl-qt provides a NodeView widget, showing the output of a node in a
GEGL graph.
Variants exist for QWidget, QGraphicsView and QML based user interfaces.
The widget supports translation and scaling, along with autoscaling
and autocentering.
Python bindings for use with PySide are also provided.

This release is a preview of the first stable release 0.1.0. Please help test.
Md5sum: fbb0692af354d404615980a68c8a88f4
Git tag:

Minor things like default arguments might still change, but unless
bugs are found the API is final. What is missing now is mainly
documentation (API reference, introduction). For now see the examples
found in the examples/ directory for usage.

gegl-qt is package for Arch Linux, and can be found here:

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