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> The above sentence confuses concepts: The babl architecture might require
> that images to be converted to and from unbounded linear gamma sRGB. That
> doesn't mean babl is a CMS. And it doesn't mean unbounded linear gamma sRGB
> has been turned into a PCS.

Babls role in the GEGL and thus GIMP architecture is to be the
internal CMS; this remains unchanged since babl was split out of a
non-linear video editor/compositing system.

> To convert images to and from unbounded linear gamma sRGB, you MUST pass
> through XYZ. XYZ is the PCS.

I remind you that linear RGB spaces are a single matrix multiplication
away from other linear RGB spaces and XYZ.

> Let's cut to the chase:
> Are you planning on converting non-sRGB images to unbounded linear gamma
> sRGB? Yes or no?

Foo or bar? Do you have any idea what "implementation detail" means?

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