In some development environments using GEGL, like imgflo+Flowhub it is
useful to be able to see the source code of an operation in used. Both to
understand how existing operations work and as a basis when writing new

The following branch allows operations to include their source code as
operation class metadata (using the "source" key) by using GEGL_OP_C_SOURCE
instead of GEGL_OP_C_FILE in their op. The app can then query and display
this like any other metadata.

If there are no objections I'd like to merge this some time next week.
- Jon

* As mentioned to pippin at 31c3 I've found a way to basically implement
live-code operations. Compile new/changed operation code as a .so file,
using a unique suffix on the operation name, and then trigger
This will leak/keep the old operation class data, but this is small amounts
of data for even long-ish development sessions compared to the images being

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