I just created or updated some searches in our Bugzilla:

Searches to prepare release notes:
Babl - changes since last release
GEGL - changes since last release
GIMP 2.8 - changes since last release
GIMP master - changes since last release
GIMP Help - changes since last release

Searches for bug triaging:
Babl, GEGL - NEEDINFO bugs
GIMP - open bugs without NEEDINFO and ENH (Mitch's List)

Searches for patches waiting for review and integration:
Babl, GEGL - Open patches
GIMP - Open patches

Searches by platform:
GIMP - open Linux related bugs
GIMP - open OS X related bugs
GIMP - open Windows related bugs

You should be able to access them in Bugzilla via
Preferences -> Saved Searches.
Feel free to add them to your site footers for quick access
or copy and modify them to your needs.



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