On 09/01/2009 04:22 PM, Nicolas Robidoux wrote:
> ========
> Abstract
> ========
> Eric Daoust and Adam Turcotte are about to wrap up a pair of Google
> Summer of Code 2009 projects having to do with new samplers.  In this
> document, I explain what the samplers do, how they (may) fit within
> the GEGL library, and where they are going (most likely: feedback
> would be nice).
> I also briefly indicate what will need to be done when non-affine
> transformations (perspective, warp) are implemented in GEGL so that
> they use the samplers tuned for downsampling (for example, thumbnail
> production) with maximal benefit.

Thanks a lot for this detailed info

I'll make sure that your work is merged to master sooner or later (but it could 
take a while before I find the time to do it)

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