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> 'Indonesia can be world's role model on peace'
> Red: Reiny Dwinanda
> Republika/Raisan Al Farisi
> [image: Vice President Jusuf Kalla said Indonesia can be world's role
> model on peace.]
> Vice President Jusuf Kalla said Indonesia can be world's role model on
> peace.
> REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- Vice President Jusuf Kalla believes that
> Indonesia can be the role model for other countries in pursuit of peace
> amid the current global condition which is full of conflict and economic
> recession. "We are facing the same challenges, but we should be grateful
> for the fact that Indonesia is in the middle of the spectrum and is much
> safer and more stable compared to other countries," said Vice President
> Kalla in a press conference for 'Bridges: Dialogue Towards a Culture of
> Peace' in Dharmawangsa Hotel, South Jakarta, Wednesday.
> The Vice President will be the honorary chairman for the international
> event in Indonesia, in which winners of Peace, Physics, Chemistry and
> Medical Nobel Prize will give public lectures and conduct dialogues with
> students from schools and universities.
> He stated that Indonesia, with the biggest Moslem population in the world,
> provide an example to all countries across the globe regarding tolerance
> and mutual respect in coexisting with various communities. "Indonesia is
> the country with the biggest Moslem population in the world, but it is also
> home to the Catholic, Protestant, Hindu and Buddha communities. Over all,
> Indonesia have successfully maintain national harmony and unity based on
> the five principles (Pancasila) and the motto 'Bhinneka Tunggal Ika' (Unity
> in Diversity)," he remarked.
> Nobel winners who will attend the dialogue in Indonesia include recipients
> of 2007 Economy Nobel Professor Eric Stark Maskin, 2012 Peace Nobel H.E.
> Jose Manuel Barroso, 1979 Physics Nobel Professor Sheldon Lee Glashlow,
> 1993 Medical Nobel Dr Sir Richard J Roberts, 2003 Economy Nobel Robert Fry
> Eugle III, 1990 Physics Nobel Professor Jerome Isaac Friedman, and 2003
> Chemistry Nobel Dr Peter Agre.
> The Bridges Dialogue will be held from January to March 2017 in 12
> universities and two high schools in Indonesia, including Airlangga
> University, Atmajaya Catholic University, Bandung Technology Institute,
> Bina Nusantara University, Gadjah Mada Uniersity, Padjajaran University,
> Petra Christian University, Prasetya Mulya University, Surabaya University,
> Udayana University, Jakarta National University, University of Indonesia,
> Bina Nusantara School Simprug and IPEKA Integrated Christian School.
> Other than Indonesia, the Dialogue initiated by the International Peace
> Foundation in Vienna, Austria will also be held in Thailand, Philippines,
> Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam and Singapore.
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