College students invent robot to solve parking congestion
 )    17:02, November 29, 2016
[image: College students invent robot to solve parking congestion]
A drawing of the parking robot (Photo/ Yangcheng Evening News)
Four students from Guangzhou Nanyang Polytechnic have invented a piece of
equipment that can accomodate 12 cars while only taking up the space of two
and a half cars. The equipment was granted a practical patent by China’s
State Intellectual Property Office last month.
A photo of the model reveals a mini version of a ferris wheel. It has two
components, each with six enclosed carriages.
"The parking robot has combined a rotating structure with new technology.
Its enclosed carriages offer rolling parking, which not only saves space but
also adjusts parking locations based on users’ needs," said Zhou. The
parking robot was inspired by ferris wheels at amusement parks.
The team has four members. Design director Zhou Yubo is a junior in the
university's electro-mechanical department. Zhou said the invention was
developed from mechanical design homework he completed as a freshman. His
parking robot was singled out by the teacher and he was asked to keep
working on the design.
It wasn't easy for the team to develop the robot from its original concept
all the way into the version that just received a patent. They had to find
parts in hardware stores, create components from scratch and even use 3-D
printing technology.
Guangzhou Nanyang Polytechnic promised to help the students transform their
patent into a real, usable device

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