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Indonesia agrees to help Myanmar in dealing with terrorism

Reporter: antara 8th February 2018

Coordinating Minister for Security, Law and Political Affairs Wiranto.
(ANTARA/Tasrief Tarmizi)

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Coordinating Minister for Security, Law and
Political Affairs Wiranto said Indonesia will help Myanmar in coping with
possible emergence of terrorism in that country.

Myanmar has been worried that groups of radicals of the Iraq and Syria
Islamic States (ISIS) night slip into that country using the opportunity
with the return of Rohingya refugees from Bangladesh, Wiranto said.

"We want to help by sharing knowledge and experience to prevent terrorist
from establishing new base in the region," he said here on Wednesday.

He said with the ISIS getting weaker and losing ground in the Philippines,
it is very much possible they would look for other places as new base in
this region and using the opportunity that might be open with the return of
Rohingya refugees to Myanmar.

That possibility has prompted the government of Myanmar to take
precautionary steps to be more on guard against ISIS, he said.

Myanmar, therefore, wants to learn from the experience of Indonesia, which
has several times succeeded in coordinating with other countries to cope
with terrorism, he added.

It is impossible for a country alone to overcome terrorism, he said,
adding, countries have to cooperate in dealing with terrorism as terrorism
has no state borders and is not bound by regulations and choose no
targets," he said.

"Perhaps this month they (Myanmar) would send a military team to Indonesia
to discuss ways of overcoming possible terrorism," Wiranto said.

Yangon has agreed on the return of thousands of Rohingya refugees who were
earlier forced to leave their villages Rakhine in Myanmar following
communal conflict between the Buddhist majority and the mostly Muslim
Rohingya minority there.

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