Apakah sekarang Tiongkok juga "anti PKI" seperti Indonesia?

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Kewalahan dengan banyaknya berita tentang basis militer, pelabuhan, koloni yang 
dibeli Tiongkok kapitalis-imperialis, dan sudah tentu tidak bisa membantahnya, 
satu-satunya pegangan si Chan "Marx-Lenin-Mao Tsetung tetap dijadikan dasar 
ideologi pembimbing PKT, ......"Memang kaum revisionis Tiongkok lebih tidak 
punya malu dari pada remo Soviet!!!!Luar biasa!!! Kapitalisme-imperialisme 
dikembangkan dengan "dasar ideologi Marx-Lenin dan Mao Tsetung!!! Hanya terjadi 
di Tiongkok!!! Wow!!! Jadi Tkk yang bertingkah PERSIS seperti kaum kolonial 
Inggris yang mencaplok wilayah Tiongkok dulu, tidak bisa disebut imperialis, 
tapi harus disebut "sosialisme dengan ciri Tkk"!!! Aneh dan herannya, dengan 
dasar ideologi pembimbing tiga guru besar itu, kok turut serta dalam grup studi 
karya Mao saja sudah merupakan tindakan "kriminal", sehingga dipersekusi dan 
ditangkap...Kok mirip seperti kasus mahasiswa yang ditangkap ORBA Suharto dulu, 
dipenjara 7 atau 8 tahun, karena baca karyanya Pramudya Ananta Toer!!!Si Chan 
mengejek manifestasi/demonstrasi dan orasi-orasi di pertemuan massa... 
Bayangkan, begitu reaksionernya si Chan ini!!! Padahal orang turut 
bermanifestasi (kecuali provokator yang memang dikirim penguasa untuk mengacau) 
itu menanggung resiko dipersekusi, ditangkap dan bahkan bisa hilang nyawa!!! 
Nah, coba ini, silahkan disimak. Ikut dalam grup belajar karya Mao, kok 
ditangkap dan dikejar-kejar???!!  
Zheng Yongming, organisator dari grup belajar, berkata:"saya akan selalu jadi 
anak kaum buruh dan kaum tani"...dan dia menyatakan "tidak kapok/menyesal"... 
akan terus berjuang menghadapi gelombang deras demi keadilan bersama dengan 
kaum pemuda dan akan terus membantu kaum buruh dan kaum tani berjuang untuk 
kehidupan lebih baik....
Ayo maju terus para pemuda Maois Tiongkok!!! Pewaris dan penerus fikiran Mao 
Tsetung!!! Dari tidak ada menjadi ada, dari kecil menjadi besar, dari lemah 
menjadi kuat...... Hari depan milik kaum pemuda!!!

CHINA: Antorchas que iluminan la noche invernal: Cronología del incidente de 
los "Ocho jóvenes" maoístas en Guangzhou (maoist road) China - arrest and 
manhunt of eight youths for participating in a [Marxist] reading session at 
Guangdong University of Technology (GUT)
  Torches illuminating the wintry night: Timeline of the “Eight Youths” 
Incident in Guangzhou
The recent arrest and manhunt of eight youths for participating in a [Marxist] 
reading session at Guangdong University of Technology (GUT) caused a major 
public uproar. Numerous students and other people have expressed solidarity 
with the youths and called for justice.The severe handling and the public 
response to the “Eight Youths” Incident are unheard of. The incident has yet to 
be publicly confirmed by the police since their intrusion of the reading 
session on November 15th, 2017. Zhang, Sun, Zheng, and Ye are bailed from 
remand while the other four youths are still wanted.
This article summarizes public information published by various media 
platforms, organizes the important stages of the incident, and aims to provide 
a detailed and clear understanding of the whole incident.

November 15th, 2017
Security personnel intruded into the classroom when Zhang Yunfen and others 
were attending a reading session organized by students in a classroom of 
Guangdong University of Technology (GUT). The front and the back of the 
classroom were blocked by school security and Public Joint Defense Force 
members wearing steel helmets. The police took a number of participants to the 
station before Zhang Yunfan and Ye Jianke were criminally detained the next day 
for “crime of assembling crowd to disturb public order” due to not carrying 
personal IDs. Students participated in reading sessions were repeatedly warned 
and interviewed by the police and the school. The reading sessions were put to 
a halt.

Zhang Yunfan

According to the confession filed afterwards by Zhang Yunfan and Ye Jianke, the 
reading session was discussing current events such as the removal of “Bao Zou 
Big News Events” videos, lack of freedom of speech, the student movement in 
late 1980s, and the problem of workers’ rights.
The youths’ confessions showed that the only possible “criminal acts” they 
committed were organizing or participating in on-campus reading sessions and 
organizing cultural and entertainment events for logistics workers, none of 
which violates the Criminal Law and meets the measurement of Crime of 
assembling crowd to disturb public order, which is “with serious consequences; 
where the process of work, production, business, teaching, and scientific 
research are disrupted; and where serious losses have been caused.” However, 
the Panyu Police Department has yet to release more details about their 
criminal activities to this day.

December 5th, 2017
The police intruded into the residence of the organizer of the reading 
sessions, university graduate Zheng Yongming, took him to the police station 
for simultaneous interrogation before classifying him as “ringleader”. Zheng 
Yongming was criminally detained.

Zheng Yongming

December 8th, 2017
The police intruded into the apartment of reading session participant Sun 
Tingting at 10 pm, searched her residence without displaying any permits, 
before taking Sun Tingting to the police station and coerced her to inform them 
about the status of other members. The police searched her apartment again and 
confiscated a large amount of her personal belongings the following day and 
criminally detained Sun Tingting that night.
According to the law, criminal detention must meet two conditions: first, the 
target of the detention is In flagrante delicto or a major suspect; second, 
under one of the emergent situations as defined by law, such as a victim or an 
eye witness.
No “emergent situations” occurred when the two youths were arrested, not 
mentioning Zheng Yongming and Sun Tingting were no longer present in the 
mentioned reading session on Dec. 9th. The police listed Sun Tingting’s 
detention as criminal detention because “their electronics only recognize one 
type of detention”, while superseding the legal regulation that criminal 
detentions are to be no longer than 14 days and detained Sun Tingting at the 
detention center for 26 days.
The police changed the criminal coerced actions of Zhang Yunfan and Ye Jianke 
to Residential surveillance at a designated place. Zhang Yunfan was detained at 
a secret location during this period.

Sun Tingting

December 21st, 2017
The Open Letter to the Panyu Police Department, Guangzhou regarding Peking 
University (PKU) graduate Zhang Yunfan Suspected of Committing “Crime of 
Assembled Crowd to Disturb Public Order” was published openly online, which 
described to the public the situation of Zhang Yunfan and called for public 
support. It was signed by various famous professors and scholars including Qian 
Liqun, Kong Qingdong, and Yu Jianrong and numerous other people. The Open 
Letter was deleted repeatedly but the list of signatures kept increasing. 
Various Weibo and Weixin public accounts published articles to express 
The publishing of the Open Letter gradually spread the news of the incident and 
attracted widespread attentions and discussions from all sectors of Chinese 
society. During the period, information related to Zhang Yunfan including the 
article PKU Philosophy Department Graduate Zhang Yunfan which revealed his 
outstanding academic achievements and active participation in events furthering 
public interest was made public.
The Panyu Police Department was facing massive public pressure formed by 
simultaneous increase of signatures, involvement of various known public 
figures, discussions and support from students, and foreign media reports, and 
was forced to terminate the Residential surveillance measures after 14 days 
instead of the planned 6 months.

Meeting of MLMs in Shaanxi in solidarity with the Eight Youths
December 29th, 2017
Zhang Yunfan and Ye Jianke were bailed after 14 days of residential 
December 30th, 2017
Professor Zhang Quanfan of the PKU Law School published the article “Freedom of 
Speech regardless of Left or Right” and expressed support from the standpoint 
of defending freedom of speech.
January 4th, 2018
Sun Tingting and Zheng Yongming were bailed.

Meeting of masses in Shanxi demanding the stop of manhunt 
January 15th, 2018
Zhang Yunfan publicly published “My Confession to the People” on his Weibo, 
explained the whole story, and mentioned the police forced him to account for 
the non-existent “secret activities” and “secret organization”, that “there is 
no need to worry about finding a suitable pretext if they want to find fault 
with someone”. TheConfession pointed out that four more youths including Xu 
Zhongliang, Han Peng, Huang Liping, and his girlfriend, Gu Jiayue are still on 
the run from police manhunt, called on the public to support the youths 
suffering from injustice, and stated that he is prepared to face the danger.
Various PKU students started to put attention on the incident after the 
publishing of the Confession, articles like “Remembering Alumni Zhang Yunfan” 
were widely distributed, group chats on Weiming BBS, Wechat and QQ discussing 
this incident were founded voluntarily by students, and songs about the eight 
youths calling for progressivism and justice were composed. However, related 
content and group chats were repeatedly banned, students confessed their love 
to Zhang Yunfan on the BBS were muted, and those who reposted the articles were 
interviewed by teachers.
It was gradually known to both the students and the wider public that Zhang 
Yunfan was a former leader of the school’s Association for the Study of 
Marxism, was deeply concerned with the situation of workers when he attended 
school, launched investigation on the situation of logistics workers in the 
PKU, which produced a report revealing the chaotic logistics employment that 
caused widespread public reaction and lead to a half-year ban on the student 
organization’s activities.
Zhang’s confession dispelled some concerns about the truth. The idealistic 
spirit of Zhang Yunfan’s firm commitment to the perspective of the proletariat 
alongside Marxist beliefs and his courage to take up responsibilities with the 
lack of fear of tyranny are particularly touching.
One after the other, peers of other youths started to publish articles, which 
showed to the public the youths’ pursuit of value concerning the interest of 
the lower class and commitment to their ideals in addition to their noble 
characters and actions, denouncing the action of the Panyu police department.

Demonstration of masses in Ningxia
January 16th, 2018
Sun Tingting’s Weibo account published “I’m Sun Tingting and I’m Standing Out”, 
revealing the chaos she experienced both prior and after her arrest including 
the police’s unwarranted search, illegal detention, and the harsh conditions 
and mismanagement of the detention center, questioning the police’s treatment 
of an innocent young woman which lead to her physical collapse, removal from 
her job, stained reputation, and major economic burdens.
The suffering of Sun Tingting as an ordinary participant of the reading 
sessions and a civilian girl advocating for the furthering of public interest 
caused widespread compassion and solidarity, as the word “Sun Tinging” entered 
the list of top Weibo searches. However, the Weibo account of Zhang Yunfan, 
Zheng Yongming and Sun Tingting were all subsequently terminated.
January 17th, 2018
“‘Ringleader’ Zheng Yongming: I Will Always be the Son of Workers and Peasants” 
was published. Zheng Yongming, organizer of the reading sessions said he will 
face the stormy waves and fight for justice with the youths, and he himself 
will always help workers and peasants to struggle for better lives – he is 

Posters by the Mao Tse-tung Thought Propaganda Unit of ZhengzhouJanuary 20th, 
Masses held demonstration in the streets of Xi’an, Shaanxi Province holding 
portraits of Chairman Mao, denouncing the removal of Mao statue in Luoning, and 
displayed banners with the slogan “Protesting the Arrest and Repression of 
Youths Studying and Applying Marxism-Leninism-Maoism by the Panyu Police 
Department”, signed “Masses of Shaanxi”, supporting the Eight Youths with their 
Confession of one of the wanted youths, Huang Liping “The People Will Decide if 
I’m Guilty or Not” was published, questioning how the Xiaoguwei Police State 
can stand true to the slogan “People’s Police for the people”, and said “I 
hadn’t, haven’t, and will never consider myself guilty”, the police can’t cover 
the eyes of the popular masses.
Xu Zhongliang published “I Don’t Believe Canton is Still Under Kuomintang Rule” 
and expressed willingness to answer any questions regarding his mental state 
and his actions in Guangzhou. He does not fear death, he said, but the police 
must give the people an answer.

Demonstration of MLMs and progressives in Shaanxi in solidarity with the Eight 
YouthsJanuary 21st,2018
Han Peng published “Father and Mother, Please Believe I’m Innocent – Han Peng’s 
Letter to His Parents”, insisted his thoughts and actions were innocent, “tens 
of thousands of kind people are giving us their support.”
That afternoon, Hongkongese leftist and pan-leftist organizations including 
“Left 21”, League of Social Democrats, and New School for Democracy held 
demonstration outside the Hong Kong Western Police Station. The marchers made 
their way to the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government with 
pictures of the youths and banners, protesting the illegal repression of 
leftist youths by the Chinese Police.
“Left 21” also launched cosignatory supporting the leftist youths participated 
in reading sessions. 19 organizations including the Neighbourhood and Worker’s 
Service Centre, Labour Party, League of Social Democracy and Hong Kong Alliance 
in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements of China and 20 individual 
activists have signed as of Jan. 25th.
The two offline actions are no doubt more powerful than online support and 
showed fully the massive dissidence this incident caused. Various leftist 
activists acknowledged the Youths are the progressive force of the society, and 
stated, that this showed the hypocrisy of mainstream Chinese propaganda, as the 
modern Chinese state claimed to adhere to Marxism-Leninism Mao Tse-tung Thought 
but are arresting the youths believing and spreading the same exact thoughts, 
and the people are refused the right to speak in a country “ruled by the 

Demonstration of progressives and labor activists in Hong Kong showing 
solidarity with the Eight YouthsJanuary 22nd, 2018
Zhang Yunfan published the poem “In Memoriam Comrade Han Xiya” before attending 
the memorial service of communist activist Han Xiya.
January 23rd, 2018
“Fear Will Never Make Me Deny Anything – Declaration of Gu Jiayue” was 
published, as Gu Jiayue – a youth currently wanted – sent regards to comrades 
using the sentence “The Foolish Old Man Who Removed the Mountains will not stop 
until he dies.”
The same day, Panyu Police Department crossed provincial lines and arrived at 
Muyang, Jiangsu Province, ordering a Sun Tingting still recovering from police 
brutality in her hometown to check in at the local police station every day at 
10 am.
January 24th, 2018
National Defense Agency personnel from Panyu, Guangdong crossed provincial 
lines and interviewed Zhang Yunfan in Beijing for 2 hours, likely pressuring on 
The “Initiative Calling for All Sectors of the Society to Continue Focus on the 
Proper Resolution of the ‘Eight Youths of the Guangzhou Reading Sessions’ 
Juridical Dispute” is jointly published and signed by 36 important left-wing 
figures and called on the concerned masses to form “Eight Youths Monitor 
Groups” and join the petition. The initiative stated the Eight Youths are 
innocent and proposed the youth to “clarify the situation” at local police 
stations.. The list of signatures is simultaneously increasing and got 860 
signatures in two days.

Posters by the Mao Tse-tung Thought Propaganda Unit of Zhengzhou January 25th, 
Ye Jianke’s article “Withdraw Charges and Stop the Manhunt of Xu, Han, Huang, 
and Gu” is published on the website Epoch Pioneer (时代先锋), explained the details 
of the incidents, and revealed the police tried to trick him into “working for 
the government” and asked him to “call the police in prior” the next time he 
participates in similar events. Ye Jianke stated at the end of the passage that 
he will debunk the façade spread by the police.

Socialists in Hong Kong showing solidarity with the Eight YouthsAll sectors of 
the society are still watching the “Eight Youths Incident” closely to this day. 
The people are still seeking final justice, whether proposing the 
decriminalization of spreading Marxist-Leninist-Maoist ideas or calling for the 
rule of law and human rights.
In this incident, the police arrested and detained participants of the GUT 
study sessions in the name of repressing the so-called “anti-party, 
anti-socialist” organization. It is trying to create a gross injustice ignoring 
the rule of law, intentionally confusing truth with falsehood, and disguising 
it as a “glorious achievement” during the course of “maintaining stability”. It 
can be observed from the actions and attitudes of the Xiaoguwei Police Station 
that plenty of similar injustices are likely to be found in the local 
bureaucratic system.
Are injustices like this unavoidable? Fortunately, the façade is shattered by 
the Eight Youths and the plan of the Xiaoguwei police station has been foiled. 
At first, the broad progressive force pressured the police, before the youths – 
only temporarily regained their freedom – stood out bravely, revealed the dark 
practices of the police force, called for the withdrawal of charges, defended 
freedom of beliefs and justice without any fear of the danger they could face.
It is those confessions that showed people the truth that no power can hide and 
the courage of the youths that aggregated people’s faith in justice together 
against the unjust.
The people, regardless of their occupations or political affiliations, have 
repeatedly spoken up not only for the innocence of the youths but also for 
their firm beliefs and for human rights and freedom.

However, the voices of justice are subsequently being smothered by the 
authority. Large quantities of articles were deleted, accounts and group chats 
banned, all features of public accounts reporting the incident like “Yehuo Ba” 
were disabled, the blockade action is speeding up, but the police have yet to 
respond directly and explain their actions.
To this day, we still call for the authority to withdraw all charges, to give 
the youths innocence and freedom, and to give the people justice.
In early 2018, a few youths have suddenly drawn attention of the public. It 
seemed the people’s resistance is weakening, and the free space left is 
decreasing in front of the state power, especially after series of incidents 
like “Sexual Harassment Incident” or “Cleansing of Low-end Population”. 
However, the Eight Youths and the righteous have stood up and spoken up in this 
incident, calling on the people to resist tyranny, fight for justice and 
freedom, and pursuit and act for the idea of social progress, just like a sea 
of burning torch in this frigid winter night, illuminating our path forward.
Youths like this and the ones that spoke up for the youths are representatives 
of the spirit of the people, and are the hope for equality and justice in this 
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