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Annual Salaries of 17 World Leaders

Other people's salaries are always intriguing, but no one likes to talk
about how much they make with anyone else, therefore we can never really
compare others earnings to our own. At the same time, the salaries of world
leaders, including presidents and prime ministers, are far from secrets,
and when they’re leaked to the public, it becomes the talk of the town.
Would you be happy to find out that US President Donald Trump is earning
far less than you earn in a month? Find out just what these 17 world
leaders make in the article below.

Think you can beat a quiz about world leaders? Try it!

*1. Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg - $187,000 a year*

Solberg has been the Norwegian Prime Minister from 2013 and the second
woman in this senior position. At the age of 16, Erna was diagnosed with
dyslexia, but was still very active and was elected to chair the student
council in Norway. She has lead the Norwegian Conservative Party since 2004
and served as the regional development minister and local government.
2. The Prime Minister of England, Teresa Mae - $185,962 a year Teresa Mae
has served as prime minister since 2016 and is the second woman to take on
the job after Margaret Thatcher, so it's no wonder she's been selected by
Time magazine as one of the world's 100 most influential people. Theresa
worked as a financial adviser to the Bank of England until 1997 and was
later elected as the representative of the Maidenhead district in the
British Parliament and the interior minister in the government of her
predecessor, David Cameron. 3. The President of Iceland, Guðni Th.
Jóhannesson- $156,374 a year

Jóhannesson was sworn in in 2016 at the age of 48 and became the youngest
president in the history of Iceland to be elected. The most surprising
detail about his election is his non-affiliation to any political party or
membership in any organized religious community. Before being elected to
the presidency, Jóhannesson was a senior lecturer at the University of
Iceland, where he also studied, in the Faculty of Modern History of Iceland..

4. The Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Mark Rutte - $195,601 a year

Rutte has been Prime Minister of the Netherlands since 2010 and is a leader
of the center-right party, the VVD. Rutte served as Deputy Minister of
Employment and Trade of the Netherlands and later as Deputy Minister of
Education, Culture, and Science. In 2012, after his government was
disbanded following a no-confidence motion, Rutte was re-elected prime
minister and this time with a larger majority of voters.
5. French President, Emanuel Macron - $211,150 a year

Macron is the eighth president of the French Republic and the youngest
since Napoleon Bonaparte. He began his career as an investment banker and
later served as the advisor to François Hollande, the former president of
France. Macron was appointed Minister of Economy in the government of
Manuel Valles, Prime Minister of France, and holds the title of Co-Prince
of Andorra.
6. Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzō Abe - $203,319 a year

Abe is a son of a family of politicians and grandson of the Japanese prime
minister in the 1950s, and in the past, he studied political science and
public policy. Since 1982 he has served as an assistant to the Japanese
Foreign Minister and later held several other political positions in the
Liberal Democratic Party in Japan. In 1993 he entered the political system
as a full politician until he was appointed leader. In 2006 he was elected
Prime Minister of Japan for one year only, until 2012 when Abe was elected
to a second term that continues to this day.7. Swedish Prime Minister,
Stefan Löfven - $214,587 a year.
7. Swedish Prime Minister, Stefan Löfven - $214,587 a year

Stefan Löfven is Sweden's 33rd Prime Minister from 2014 and began his
career in the political system in 1973 in a series of junior positions on
behalf of the Social Democratic Party. During his lifetime, Löfven advanced
to senior positions, including the president of the Nordic Metal Workers'
Union, until in 2012 he was elected to head the party that is now in power.
8. Belgian Prime Minister, Charles Michel - $230,392 a year

Charles Michel is the youngest minister and prime minister ever to be in
Belgium, and this is no surprise in a country where his father, Louis
Michel, previously served as foreign minister in previous governments. In
1993, at the age of 18, Charles became a councilor in the city of Jodoigne
and five years later began to study law, was ordained as a lawyer and is
currently serving as 38th prime minister, a position he was elected to in

*German Chancellor, Angela Merkel - $235,041 per year*

Chancellor Angela Merkel grew up in East Germany after World War II and
became the first woman to serve in this role. She began her political life
shortly after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, and already in 1990
served as Deputy Spokesman for the Government. The rise through the German
government continued at the age of 36 when she was appointed Minister of
Women and Youth in the government of Chancellor Helmut Kohl and was
promoted to the Minister of Environment and Nuclear Security. Years later
Merkel stood at the head of the Christian Democratic Party and in 2005 was
elected chancellor, a position she holds to this day.
10. The Prime Minister of Luxembourg, Xavier Bettel, - $245,184 a year

Prime Minister Xavier Bettel was born and raised in Luxembourg. He trained
as a lawyer in 2001 and belongs to the LGBTQ community. In 2011 he was
elected mayor of the city of Luxembourg and in 2013 he ran for the
premiership of the Democratic Party and won the elections, making him the
24th head of state. In addition, he serves as Minister of Communications,
Minister of Religious Affairs and Minister of State.
11. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau - $253,123 a year

Trudeau is second on the list of Canada's youngest prime ministers and was
elected in 2015. His political career began in 2008 when he was elected to
the Canadian Parliament, and the political blood must have been in
Trudeau's veins from infancy since his father, Pierre Eliot Trudeau, was
also the Prime Minister between 1969 and 19

12. Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull - $403,700 a year

The Prime Minister of Australia is a man of many skills. He was born in
Sydney, studied law and at the same time worked as a journalist, and later
established an investment bank. From 1993 to 2000, he headed the Australian
Republican Movement and was one of the drafters of the constitutional
change proposal, which was to turn Australia into a republic.
13. US President Donald Trump - $1 a year

Donald Trump, the head of the Republican Party of the United States, was
elected in 2016 to be the 45th president of one of the world's largest
powers. Prior to entering politics, Trump was a businessman, construction
entrepreneur and reality star, and he owns “The Trump Organization”, which
is responsible, among other things, for building skyscrapers throughout the
United States and abroad. His private fortune is estimated at about $3
billion, which is probably the reason he promised to receive only $1 from
the state budget for his salary and donate the rest. The president of the
United States’ annual salary is usually $400,000 a year.
14. Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Long - $1,717,352 a year

Lee Hsien Long, the third prime minister of Singapore and the eldest son of
the country's first prime minister, also served as finance minister in his
youth and engaged in political affairs and his father's political work when
he was younger. He studied public administration at Harvard University and
completed, among other things, a bachelor's degree in mathematics and a
diploma in computer science. Lee began his current position in 2004, and
for that reason, he gave up his previous role as finance minister of the
15. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu - $139,782 a year

Benjamin Netanyahu is the head of the Likud Party, the largest party in
Israel since 1977. From 1996 to 1999, he sat in the prime minister's chair
for the first time, and from 2009 until now he holds the position for the
second time. Netanyahu served in Israeli governments as finance minister
and foreign minister, and as head of the opposition, and in his distant
past was even Israel's ambassador to the United Nations.
16. The president of Guatemala, Jimmy Morales - $232,000 a year

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Jimmy Morales, President of Guatemala, was a comedian, director, and film
producer before he entered politics. He began his career in this field in
2011, after running for mayor of Guatemala City and reaching third place.
In 2013, he joined the National Union Front, for which he ran in the 2015
elections and was elected to serve as 37th President of Guatemala.
17. Russian President Vladimir Putin - $151,000 a year

Vladimir Putin, a statesman and prime minister of Russia in 2008-2012,
currently serves as the president of the Russian Federation for a third
consecutive term, the last of which began in 2012. Putin is considered one
of the most powerful leaders in the world and in 2017 was chosen as one of
the 100 most influential people in the world by Time magazine. Putin's
fortune was estimated at $200 billion in July 2017!

*The information in the article is based on data from February 2018*

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