Komentar: Diskusi dilakukan oleh penulis dari Cornell University di AS (salah 
satu universitas yg terkemuka di dunia) dan Choi (orang asal atau keturunan 
Korea). Jadi bukan propaganda dari Tkk. 
Di AS sudah ada 30000 orang meninggal krn influenza dlam 5 bulan belakang ini 
tetapi tidak biberitakan di AS. sedangkan kematian di di Tkk kurang dari 1500 
dlm kurang dari 3 bulan sudah di-gembor2 kan. Ini salah satu usaha AS utk 
menghancurkan ekonomi Tkk. Selain itu ada kemungkin Wuhan coronavirus adalah 
biological weapon yg dilakukan oleh AS thd Tkk. 
Tulisan yg relevan saya rubah menjadi tulisan merah supaya bisa tidak membuang 
Answer · The United States of America · Topic you might likeWhy is the new 
Chinese coronavirus seen as especially concerning? The US had nearly 30,000 flu 
deaths in the past 5 months, which was entirely unremarkable, so the numbers 
coming out of China don't seem very alarming to me.Choi Julian, M.S. from 
Cornell UniversityAnswered 17h ago
I am sick and tired of all the fear mongering in all the answers to this 

If you just have to say, “look at all the drastic measures China is taking, it 
obviously is no good! And we can’t trust their numbers!”

Great! Then we can at least trust the numbers outside of China, right? cuz no 
one wants this to spread in their country and every country keeps close 
attention to it.

So far, covid19 has 505 confirmed cases outside of China, two deaths. The case 
fatality rate outside of China is 0.39%. The seasonal flu CFR fluctuate between 
0.3% to 0.8%. This is the number you can count on!

And even if we include China into the calculation, CFR outside of Hubei 
province is 0.6%. CFR of Hubei Province is 2.9%.

The reason death rate is high in Hubei province is that we can’t know for sure 
how many people are infected because there is limit to our capability to test 
and find out who got infected. The healthcare services in Wuhan was crippled 
due to the large influx of patients and many of them could not receive proper 
care until medical staffs in other parts of China arrive and new hospitals are 
built. And now they are being taken care of.

So in conclusion, if this covid19 spread like a flu all over the world, the CFR 
will stay at around 0.3–0.6%, which overlaps with that of a seasonal flu.

The reason China react this way is two fold.

1.This is a new corona virus we knew nothing previously. Due to the SARS 
epidemic in 2003, Chinese government were very cautious and intend to arrest 
its spread.

2.Wuhan is the epicenter of this outbreak. Tens of thousands were infected and 
they needed proper care which no city in the world could provide in this amount 
in a short notice.

China decided to quarantine the region so that this virus will not spread too 
much to other places. This will free up the medical staffs in other regions of 
China who then can go to Wuhan to treat them altogether. So far, over 10 
thousands medical staff members have arrived at Hubei province to treat 
patients there. While this virus is under control outside Hubei province, 
people can convene their resources to support Hubei.

So the strategy of China is to sacrifice Hubei for the greater good of the 
country. And then the whole country can pull all the resources and efforts to 
rescue Hubei province. And it’s working.

We can stop with all the fear mongering to ourselves and look at this with 
numbers objectively. It’s good for our sanity.
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Tony Tan16h ago · 14 upvotes including Choi Julian
You can't ask them to stop the fear mongering because it's intentional. Now I 
know why those imperialist democratic people always push China towards non 
censorship. That's because propaganda and lies are their main weapon.
Garry Aye15h ago · 15 upvotes including Tony Tan

I used to buy into all the anti-China rhetoric…

It’s one of those things that you absolutely don’t see until you see it, and 
then you can’t unsee it. It’s fucking everywhere. Media outlets I used to trust 
to be factual like NYT and CNN are just blatantly, irrationally hostile when it 
comes to China.

A lot of it just imperialistic bullshit that thinks China should act like a 
Norman Tan: You have been red pilled. Or is it blue?Lim San14h ago · 7 upvotes 
including Choi Julian

The west is capitalising on this episode to create fear and attempt to reduce 
trade and cooperation between other countries and China.

If China's flu is a threat, then US's flu should be a bigger threat. Yet there 
is little news coverage. Sick.

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