the hap-codec (https://github.com/Vidvox/hap) uses the graphic card
instead of the CPU for decoding, which would make it much faster at
higher resoluions. appearently it's "a thing" in the world of vj-software.

a quick check on my system (ubuntu 16.04) reveals:
- mplayer doesn't know what it is
- ffmpeg, encodes and plays it (DEVIL), but doesn't know when to stop
  (keeps on playing the last frame)
- pix_film claims it's just 1 frame at -1 fps

i followed the dependency chain and i think (not 100% sure) pix_film
uses libquicktime, which in turn uses ffmpeg to play it.

i was wondering, how difficult it would be to add stable support for the
hap-codec in Gem. maybe even bypassing libquicktime/ffmpeg alltogether?

has anyone looked into it yet?

many thanks for any input,

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