On 06/12/2018 01:16 PM, Johnny Mauser via GEM-dev wrote:
> Yes, it installed in the correct place. But is not found. There was one
> line in a .cpp file which i had to take out, otherwise it would not
> compile. 
> It was a line about verbose() and it complained that verbose was
> not defined in this scope. I thought that this was only for Pds window.
> I will tell more specific what i did, when i have access to the machine
> again.

yes please. it's hard to  fix the issue otherwise.

you could try running Pd from the cmdline and in verbose mode ("-v") and
see whether you get something meaningful on the stderr.
Gem scans for gem_video-plugins both on startup and when you create a
[pix_video] object, so these are the times to watch out.

also, check whether the (runtime) linker can find all the dependencies
by running:
$ ldd gem_videoDeckLink.so
and looking for "not found" lines.

(but then, iirc, the DeckLink API uses dlopen() to open the actual
proprietary library, so "ldd" might succeed just fine)


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