Getting lots of OpenGL depreciation warnings compiling GEM.  macOS is
moving to its own Metal framework. I assume GEM will fail to run on macOS
at some point.

What does this mean for GEM on macOS? Is GEM 'dead' on macs? Can it be
transitioned with something like this: https://moltengl.com/ ? Do large
parts need to be re-written? Is there any hope?

I would say for macOS users to just go use Ofelia. Unfortunately, the
Ofelia learning curve seems very steep. For studio arts students that have
never programed before, never knew they had interest in programing, and are
learning the basics of creating interactive art, GEM offers very simple
objects and a consistent visual programing workflow that allows them to
transition from simple Pd Vanilla objects to GEM very easily. For them,
patience is not always a strong suit so getting something working quickly
sustains their interests much longer. Some of them even begin to use Pd/GEM
combo in their daily practice.

This said, it would be a shame if 'GEM is dead' on macOS. But maybe this is
an over reaction and the GEM future is bright.


m.e.grimm, m.f.a, ed.m.
cornell u., tc3
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