I agree with Daniel and Ciro; it's difficult/annoying to navigate through old 
unanswered emails and I presume nobody does that at the moment.
Most of the time if your email doesn't get a quick response as soon as it gets 
posted, you can forget about getting some help as time passes; there is a short 
window and you really have to hope someone flagged your email or got some time 
to address your problem.

I wouldn't use JIRA to be honest for asking questions; that's beyond the scope 
of JIRA and it would be chaotic to mix Bug Reports, Improvement tasks with 
normal questions (like: I cannot build gem5 on my machine, or does anyone know 
how this works)


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I would just use JIRA. But after that, Discourse is the second best. And 
anything is better than a mailing list :-) ________________________________
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+1 for Discourse :).

Just to give a bit more context: I'm also trying to find a good forum for 
community engagement during my online Learning gem5 class this summer. I would 
like to find a platform that could be used generally for my class this summer, 
future iterations of the class, and general gem5 questions, as I believe there 
will be significant overlap between these groups.

Other potential options that IMO have more cons than pros when compared to
- Slack/Teams/etc.
- gitter.im
- stackoverflow

That said, we're open to suggestions :). Our goal is to create the most 
welcoming and inclusive environment possible. We'll go where our users are!


On Tue, Jun 9, 2020 at 2:45 PM Bobby Bruce via gem5-dev <gem5-dev@gem5.org>

> Dear all,
> In an effort to better support the gem5 community, there has been a
> suggestion that we drop the gem5-users mailing list and replace it
> with Discourse, https://www.discourse.org/about, a web-based
> discussion platform. I'm writing this email to propose this to the
> community and ask for feedback on the matter.
> We have noticed that using mailing lists as our primary communication
> platform is problematic. Sending an email to a list can be daunting
> experience, requiring an etiquette many are not accustom to. I'm sure
> I'm not the only one who feels like they are unduly bothering a large
> number of people when posting to a list (like I'm doing right now :)
> ). This is, of course, an unfortunate hurdle for many to get over when
> they encounter problems using gem5, particularly those new to the
> project. I've come to believe mailing lists are simply not a very good
> technology for fostering community engagement and helping those who are 
> running into difficulties.
> Mailing lists are also difficult to search, and lack proper formatting
> mechanisms to neatly display attributes such as code and output logs.
> Looking around at alternative technologies available, Discourse
> appears to be a suitable replacement. For those unaware, Discourse is
> (essentially) a revamp of messaging forums. It is an increasingly
> popular platform for users and developers in open source projects to
> communicate with one another (see LLVM's discourse as an example:
> https://llvm.discourse.group ).
> All-in-all, I think it's a well-designed product and contains all the
> features we'd expect and need to get our work done. I can see no
> immediate downsides to using it, though feedback from the community on
> the matter would be greatly appreciated, particularly from those who
> have used Discourse before. Dissenting opinions on the whole idea of
> moving away from the gem5-user's mailing list are also welcome.
> So, let me know what you think! :)
> Please note, regardless as to any decision made, we will continue the
> use of the gem5-dev mailing list for technical discussions for the
> foreseeable future.
> Kind regards,
> Bobby
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> CA, 95616
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