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Change subject: arch, gpu-compute: Remove HSAIL related files

arch, gpu-compute: Remove HSAIL related files

Change-Id: Iefba0a38d62da7598bbfe3fe6ff46454d35144b1
Reviewed-by: Anthony Gutierrez <>
Maintainer: Anthony Gutierrez <>
Tested-by: kokoro <>
M SConstruct
D build_opts/HSAIL_X86
M src/arch/gcn3/SConscript
D src/arch/hsail/Brig.h
D src/arch/hsail/Brig_new.hpp
D src/arch/hsail/SConscript
D src/arch/hsail/SConsopts
D src/arch/hsail/
D src/arch/hsail/gpu_decoder.hh
D src/arch/hsail/gpu_isa.hh
D src/arch/hsail/gpu_types.hh
D src/arch/hsail/insts/
D src/arch/hsail/insts/branch.hh
D src/arch/hsail/insts/decl.hh
D src/arch/hsail/insts/
D src/arch/hsail/insts/gpu_static_inst.hh
D src/arch/hsail/insts/
D src/arch/hsail/insts/
D src/arch/hsail/insts/mem.hh
D src/arch/hsail/insts/mem_impl.hh
D src/arch/hsail/insts/
D src/arch/hsail/
D src/arch/hsail/operand.hh
D src/gpu-compute/
D src/gpu-compute/brig_object.hh
D src/gpu-compute/
D src/gpu-compute/cl_driver.hh
D src/gpu-compute/cl_event.hh
D src/gpu-compute/
D src/gpu-compute/condition_register_state.hh
D src/gpu-compute/hsa_code.hh
D src/gpu-compute/hsa_kernel_info.hh
D src/gpu-compute/
D src/gpu-compute/hsa_object.hh
D src/gpu-compute/
D src/gpu-compute/hsail_code.hh
D src/gpu-compute/
D src/gpu-compute/kernel_cfg.hh
D src/gpu-compute/ndrange.hh
D src/gpu-compute/qstruct.hh
D src/gpu-compute/
D src/gpu-compute/vector_register_state.hh
M util/
M util/regress
45 files changed, 6 insertions(+), 12,854 deletions(-)

  Anthony Gutierrez: Looks good to me, approved; Looks good to me, approved
  kokoro: Regressions pass

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