Hi all,

I am looking into simulating some multithreaded benchmarks in se mode. I
compiled m5threads both for x86 and arm. Running binaries linked to
m5threads works fine natively, as well as when simulating a processor in
the atomic model. However, when simulating an* out-of-order detailed model *the
simulation hangs for some tests (e.g. test_malloc, test_lock, test_pthread
of the included tests in m5threads). I am not sure why, since the code is
very similar to other tests.
Does anyone know of m5threads and O3 models not being compatible?

As a somewhat related problem, the *arm MinorCPU model* (there is no x86
minor model) crashes for every test involving m5threads, so compatibility
is even worse there. (panic: page table fault)

In general, the question is: how come selecting a different cpu model has
such a big influence on running a multithreaded application?

Best regards

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