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> Hi Jason,
> As you pointed out, I went through the dram_ctrl.cc file and spent some
> time designing the implementation. I want to know if what I understood is
> correct regarding the implementation or not.
> Firstly, there is need of a block structure in dram_ctrl to hold the data.
> Then a tag store array for tags.

You will need tags in your cache, but the DRAM controller does not need

> Most importantly, implementing the Master port functionalities. Though I
> looked at your tutorials about the ports, I'm unable to visualize the
> interactions possible in the current scenario. I need help in this regard.

Beyond those pictures and the example code, I'm not sure I can give you
more guidance.

> And thinking further, I have an idea of creating a wrapper class for the
> cacheblks in gem5, which will arrange the cacheblks (of cacheline size 64
> bytes) to form a larger "cache-line" (arrange 16 cacheblks to form a 1KB
> cache-line size) in the cache. Is it possible to realize different
> cacheline sizes with this idea.

Sure. Search for sub-blocked caches. This is what you would be implementing.

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> Varun
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