I am trying to build the full system simulation on ARM using
*arm-ubuntu-natty-headless.img *

on 14.04.1-Ubuntu

followed the instructions on this video :


I have set the path variable.

ga87fev@TUEISEC-Stu04:~/gem5$ echo *$M5_PATH*


and have these files in place at binaries and disks :

ga87fev@TUEISEC-Stu04:~/gem5/full_system_images$ ls

*binaries*  *disks*

ga87fev@TUEISEC-Stu04:~/gem5/full_system_images$ cd binaries/

ga87fev@TUEISEC-Stu04:~/gem5/full_system_images/binaries$ ls

*boot.arm*        *configs*
vexpress.aarch32.ll_20131205.0-gem5.4cpu.dtb  vmlinux.aarch64.20140821

boot_emm.arm    vexpress.aarch32.ll_20131205.0-gem5.1cpu.dtb
vexpress.aarch64.20140821.dtb                 *vmlinux.arm.smp.fb.*

boot_emm.arm64  vexpress.aarch32.ll_20131205.0-gem5.2cpu.dtb

ga87fev@TUEISEC-Stu04:~/gem5/full_system_images/binaries$ cd ../disks/

ga87fev@TUEISEC-Stu04:~/gem5/full_system_images/disks$ ls

*arm-ubuntu-natty-headless.img*  *linux-arm-ael.img*


I am trying to run the following command and it fails.

ga87fev@TUEISEC-Stu04:~/gem5$ .*/build/ARM/gem5.opt configs/example/fs.py

gem5 Simulator System.  http://gem5.org

gem5 is copyrighted software; use the --copyright option for details.

gem5 compiled Jan 28 2018 13:39:34

gem5 started Mar  2 2018 11:11:13

gem5 executing on TUEISEC-Stu04, pid 13451

command line: ./build/ARM/gem5.opt configs/example/fs.py

Global frequency set at 1000000000000 ticks per second

Fontconfig warning: ignoring UTF-8: not a valid region tag

Fontconfig warning: ignoring UTF-8: not a valid region tag

warn: DRAM device capacity (8192 Mbytes) does not match the address range
assigned (512 Mbytes)

*panic: panic condition sz != 2 occurred: Couldn't read magic bytes from
object file*

Memory Usage: 761656 KBytes

Program aborted at tick 0


*Could you please help me solve this error?*

Once this works, I want to try the inbuilt benchmarks.

Thank you for your help.


Sahana Prasad
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