Hi Andreas
I am trying to run COSSIM on terminal level instead of USING the GUI,
in order to add additional behavior on the cGEM5 with additional commands.
Could you have any clue to do this in an easy way ?
Thanks for your help in advance.
UST student
Daejeon Korea

On Thu, Feb 1, 2018 at 11:28 PM, Andreas Brokalakis <kingm...@gmail.com>

> Dear all,
> at the recent gem5 workshop (ARM Research Summit), we presented COSSIM
> Simulation Framework ( http://gem5.org/ARM_Research_
> Summit_2017_Workshop#COSSIM ). Today, we are officially releasing the
> framework along with all the source code, required documentation and
> examples. You can find all required repositories here:
> https://github.com/H2020-COSSIM .
> Briefly, COSSIM interconnects gem5 with a network simulator (OMNET++)
> through the IEEE 1516 HLA protocol. As such it enables the simulation of
> whichever combination of systems along with a multitude of possible network
> topologies and connections. Since the HLA is an IP-based protocol, all
> interconnections between gem5 instances and the network simulator can run
> independently and even in different machines, thus making the overall
> simulation distributed. Additionally there is a GUI that can be used to
> instrument the simulation and the network traffic and interactions can also
> be visualized. Lastly, a custom version of McPAT is included interconnected
> with gem5 and featuring certain enhancements and additional xml templates.
> We have already completed simulations comprising of several hundreds of
> nodes (using a mix of ARM and x86 nodes) and the solution proposed scales
> well.The framework implements all the required synchronization mechanisms
> for correct execution. We have validated the simulator with three real
> world applications and several benchmarks.
> Our project presents many similarities with dist-gem5 and many starking
> differences. At this point we are evaluating those similarities and
> differences and would very much appreciate and welcome any feedback
> especially from the people working on dist-gem5. Any possible collaboration
> towards a mutual goal would be highly interesting for us.
> We should note that the code we are releasing is based on the October 2017
> stable gem5 version.
> If you want to download and use the framework, please visit the github
> repository listed above. There are scripts available that automate the
> process to install and setup everything. If you want to avoid this process
> and quickly evaluate the framework, we have also made available a Virtual
> Machine based on Ubuntu 14.04 that has everything up and running.
> We thank you in advance and wait for your feedback and comments!
> Best regards,
> Andreas Brokalakis
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