Hi all,

I have some questions regarding how gem5 models cache banks. In fact, I
cannot find that gem5 models cache banks at all. Is this true?

Why this is important:
It looks as of right now that gem5 caches can process all requests in
parallel, unless the requests go to the same cache block. This looks like
true multiport caches. This seems too optimistic, since most caches are not
true multiported (only the register file is), but rather multibanked.
Multibanked caches mean that accesses to different banks can be processed
in parallel, but accesses to the same bank have to be executed
sequentially. For more information, this paper gives a good overview:
Niar, S., Eeckhout, L., & De Bosschere, K. (2003). Comparing Multiported
Cache Schemes. In *PDPTA* (pp. 1179-1185).

So are my assumptions true that gem5 just processes all cache requests in
parallel, even if they would go to the same bank? This would be rather
wrong, so I think I am missing something.

Feel free to comment.

Best regards,

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