Hi friends,

I am new to learning and using gem5. Currently, I am working on analysis of
memory write patterns for various benchmarks. I need to get exact data
patterns or at least get the ratio of 1's and 0's or of different states
such as '11', '00' etc. So far I could get some information by using debug
flag, *--debug-flags=MemoryAccess. *But using only this flag generates a
lot of information in addition to data being written to the memory while I
am interested only in data patterns. A naive solution would be to process
the output trace file to get only the data. I am sure there must be a more
efficient way of getting this and someone must have worked on this kind of
problem before. Someone with prior experience with this kind of problem can
save me a lot of time than trying to figure it out the hard way.

Thanks and regards,
Muhammad Imran
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