Hi all

I am currently working on power modeling using gem5 for arm bigLITTLE
architecture. I am using the fs_power.py script already found in the gem5
repo but I wanted to change the dummy equations for static and dynamic
power to more meaningful equations.
The stats I need to do so are all found in stats.txt but when I try to
formulate the equations it gives me "failed to find stat" error.

I already can use some stats like dcache.overall_misses ,
numCycles,voltage, dtb_walker_cache.overall_misses, icache.overall_misses ,
 But when it comes to :
bigCluster.cpus2.iq.FU_type_0::IntAlu or any other instructions(MULT,DIV)
it fails.

I kind of have an intuition where the problem is, I went through the
documentation of doxygen and all the stats that failed needs to be accessed
from a certain object that I dont know.

For example the stats::overall_misses should be accessed from BaseCache
class and I did so in dcache.overall_misses but for the others I tried to
do the same and it failed.

Any clue how to be able to access the given stats? It doesn't have to be
per core a sum of them will do the same job.

Also I tried to do the calculations after the simulation ends using scripts
that process data from the stats.txt and that worked, I just want it now to
be online during the simulation.

Thanks alot!
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