Hi Riddhi,

I am not familiar with a way to trace the ALU operations and operands. You 
could trace the micro-ops and macro-ops and then post-process the trace to 
filter out the ALU operations. If you wish to do that then have a look at the 
Exec* debug flags. I believe the debug flags 
ExecEnable,ExecMicro,ExecMacro,ExecUser,ExecKernel will be useful.


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Hi Nikos,

Thanks once again. I figured that out.

Can you help me in getting instruction trace for ALU ? I tried doing this for 
X86 system.
What I am trying to do us to get instruction traces for ALU.
What I did:
There is a file, regop.isa (src/arch/x86/isa/microops/). In this file, at line 
506, ADD function is defined. I tried to get the values of psrc1, op2 and 
DestReg, but I don’t think that these are instruction trace. I have attached a 
patch of results below:

2117728 8 2117736
27263459 0 27263459
2117736 8 2117744
29360611 0 29360611
2117744 8 2117752
31457763 0 31457763
2117752 8 2117760
33554915 0 33554915
2117760 8 2117768
35652067 0 35652067
2117768 8 2117776
37749219 0 37749219
2117776 8 2117784
39846371 0 39846371
2117784 8 2117792
2117792 8 2117800
2117800 8 2117808
2117808 8 2117816
2117816 8 2117824
2117824 8 2117832
2117832 8 2117840
2117840 8 2117848

The first column is for psrc1, second for op2 and third is for DestReg. If u 
notice every time the DestReg becomes psrc1 for next operation. And this kind 
of pattern is observed in complete traces. I don’t think this is the 
instruction trace for ALU. And I am not able to find where the ALU instructions 
are defined. I also tried getting traces from mediaop.isa (same folder), but 
sometimes traces are not at all generated. I don’t why.

Any suggestions would a great help to me.

Thanks in advance.


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