Hi all,
>From my understanding,* master simObjects (CPUs, GPUs) generate requests *to
the slave simObjects(L1private split cache, membus, L2 cache etc.), slaves
responses to the requests.

I want to see both *requests* and *response* packets. I have attached a
communication monitor in addPrivateSplitL1Caches function of BaseCPU.py
which I believe captures packets only in one direction: CPU to L1_data_cache

#----------------Communication Monitor between l1d cache and the CPU
        #self.dcache_port = dc.cpu_side

        self.monitor = CommMonitor()
        self.monitor.trace =

        self.dcache_port = self.monitor.slave
        self.monitor.master = dc.cpu_side

My first question is how to get the response packets? Like the response
packets from the L1_data_cache to CPU.

My second query is, tell me if I am wrong:
I need following information from a packet:
1 . sender of the packet
2. receiver of the packet
3. command of the packet
4. physical memory address(if any)

In the decoded packets I find packet id (which I assume refers to
master/sender (1)), the place where I place the commMonitor()  tells me who
is the receiver of the packet(2), and decoding the packet gets me (3) and
(4). Please correct me if I am doing/assuming anything wrong here.

Please see the config.dot.svg to see the system I am simulating.
My 3rd query is: the communication monitor I attached has been attached
between cache(L1) and the CPU?

Thanks for reading my long email. Any help will be highly appreciated.

*Rubel Ahmed*
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