We recently tried Gemini Web 3.0 RC2 with Tomcat 8.5.5 and encountered a
resource handling problem for web application bundles. We have tested Web
application bundles with some jars in WEB-ING/lib which provide rest
services and noticed that Jersey was not able to load them. At the end, it
turned out that ServletContext.getResourceAsStream("WEB-INF/lib/foo.jar")
always returns null, even though ServletContext.getResourcePaths()
successfully lists the resources.
This can be reproduced with Equinox 3.10 (Luna), Gemini Web 3.0 RC2 and a
simple wab containing a jar in WEB-INF/lib.
Could this be a problem in Gemini Web and/or Tomcat 8's new resource
handling? I checked Gemini Web jira but did not find anything similar, will
look further but thought I might just drop an email to see if anyone is
aware of this issue.

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