>       On the basis that each RTR RLOC can be from a different address family, 
> than I would say that the number of RTRs cannot be determined from the LCAF 
> Length field.  The length alone would not tell you the breakdown of RTR RLOCs 
> between the address families, so the only way to tell how many RTR RLOCs are 
> present is to parse through them until the length of the AFI/address 
> combinations seen equals the Length value.  For example, 3 IPv4 RTR RLOCs 
> will have the same length (3 x (2 + 4)) as one IPv6 RTR RLOC (2 + 16).  I'd 
> simply strike the relevant sentence in the RTR RLOC definition (2nd to last 
> sentence).

I added text based on your suggestion. Thanks.


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