Thomas Stach <> writes:
>> * The definition of application/trickle-ice-sdpfrag describes the use of
>> "a=charset" as an attribute, but the grammar of sdpfrag in section 9
>> does not permit that attribute.

> The grammar allows for using extension attributes.


>> Figure 11 seems to be incorrect -- since Alice is using Half-Trickle
>> ICE, all her candidates are sent in the INVITE, and she shouldn't send
>> any INFO requests.  But an INFO request from Alice is shown.

> No, that is correct. The INFO from Alice acknowledges the receipt of the 
> 183 and stop retransmissions (see section 4.3.2)

Yes, I was wrong there.

>> I don't know the practice regarding the overall grammar of SDP, but
>> the grammar shown here is very rigid regarding the order of fields in
>> <session-level-fields> and in <trickle-ice-attribute-fields>.  If this
>> rigidity is not intended, there should be some notation on the grammar
>> to show this.

> I don't see any benefit in making it less rigid and I'm somewhat 
> reluctant to change this at this point of the process.

I see no objection to making the field order rigid.  I just wanted to
make sure that the given grammar matched your understanding/intention.


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