randy, noting that the IETF has trouble with the geo-tagging of its addresses does not seem to have ANYTHING to do with demonstrating how widely used the geo-communities are.

If you want to make that case, make it.  But don't bring up red herrings.

As you note, it is up to the WG, not to me, what to ask for regarding this draft. And it is up to the ADs to judge whether this is a good thing to standardize.


On 4/15/18 6:53 PM, Randy Bush wrote:
Thus, again, you are not making a case for why the existing techniques
which are easier to implement and deploy are not sufficie3nt for the

correct.  i, and a couple of other ops, are making the case that
communities are fairly widely used for tagging geo loc at varying
granularities.  you are not required to agree.

and you can argue the rest with someone else.

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