Reviewer: Stewart Bryant
Review result: Ready with Nits

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Document: draft-ietf-bmwg-sdn-controller-benchmark-meth-08
Reviewer: Stewart Bryant
Review Date: 2018-04-16
IETF LC End Date: 2018-02-02
IESG Telechat date: 2018-04-19


This is a well written comprehensive test set for SDN controllers. Two minor
points remain from my previous review that I would draft to the attention of
the responsible AD.

Major issues: None

Minor issues:

I found the large amount of text on Openflow that appears out of the blue in
the appendix somewhat strange since the test suit is controller protocol
agnostic. I understand that this is included by way of illustrative example. It
might be useful to the reader to make a statement to this effect.

Nits/editorial comments:

   The test traffic
   generators TP1 and TP2 SHOULD be connected to the first and the last
   leaf Network Device.

SB> I am sure I know what does first and last mean, but the meaning should be
called out.

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