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Ted Husted :


I agreed w/ every word from Costin.

And look what's happening with logging: Now that it's a TLP, they are bringing-in the various Log4J compatibles. Now, there can be one Apache logging project serving every platform. That's community-building!

Is logkit included in the logging TLP ? What about commons-logging ?

I agree with you that the logging TLP does define a community ( just like jakarta or httpd ). It's a separate PMC bringing togheter different codebases and people.

It remains to be seen if log4j as a TLP will be better than log4j as part of jakarta. There are plenty of TLPs - like apache-commons - that
don't seem to be much better than sub-projects like jakarta-commons.

Agreed. JC is a vibrant sub-project with ties to may Jakarta sub-projects. I think that important and valuable. I think log4j will do fine, and they can always come back. It's not clear what kind of synergy the log4* projects will bring together, but will be interesting to watch.

I had such mixed emotions about log4j leaving, as I think it's going to take a bit of our community away. On the other hand, I support the freedom of the log4j community to choose it's own path, and that wins out with me.


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