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Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2018 12:59:17 +0100
From: jan iversen <jancasacon...@gmail.com>
To: general@attic.apache.org
Subject: Re: project ACE.

I am unhappy about yet another manual step to the retirement process. the
process alreday contain quite a number of steps that could/should be
, like e.x:
- update authorization files
- find maillists, wiki etc in order to tell infra what to close down

  Agree ; but ..., automating that stuff could/should be based
  on authorative, machine-readable info provided by attic.a.o/ ...
  PMC Attic is the only body that can say /when/ the move
  is/was actually started and when it was 'done'.
  I don't see how stuff can be automated reliably without
  such info.

  I just looked at the list again and it is enormous.
  A project should [IMHO] have a state {podling, tlp, attic}
  and graduation/attic-ing should be as easy as
  changing the state. Nevermind.

people wanting to know when a retirement happened can e.g. look at svn log
for the auth files.

  Hm ;

  I will "roll my own" if there is no wider interest ; that's ok.

jan i

  Thanks ; regards,

  Henk Penning

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