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Date: Fri, 13 Apr 2018 12:22:06 +0200
From: Jan Iversen <jancasacon...@gmail.com>
To: general@attic.apache.org
Subject: Re: Sorry for the noise

If we are going to change the site generation, I suggest we start with
a data file containing all the retired project details and use that to
generate the pages.

Also the data file may be useful for other purposes, so JSON might be
a good format.
I was not thinking of “generation”, because we have to few projects
entering attic that is does not have value.

I am thinking of making something that can be plainly edited, which
would make life easier, since it can be done directly in a browser
without the need of having special software installed. This is of
course also true for server side generated html, which could be a
second step if we agree on it.

  You do the work, so you decide.

  For the long term I think it would be nice to have
  -- a template file,
  -- a data (json?) file with per/project attributes
  -- a simple 'expand' script.

  Not for now, but perhaps you can keep it in mind ...

Jan I.



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