Additional bit of info: if you'd like to hear more about Ops Director and what 
it's for, tune in for the webinar next Wednesday:

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Date: Thursday, August 10, 2017 at 10:00 AM
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Subject: [MarkLogic Dev General] Ops Director tech preview

Hello Community,

At MarkLogic World this year, we talked about an exciting new operations tool 
called Ops Director, which gives you insight into what's going on across 
multiple MarkLogic clusters. From a single dashboard, you can view alerts, load 
levels, and other information across all your MarkLogic instances. Norm Walsh 
did a great lightning talk and manned a demo booth for Ops Director in Chicago, 
and there was a lot of interest in and feedback for this tool from both 
existing and prospective customers. Since that time, the Ops Director team has 
been focused and working hard to integrate that feedback and complete the 
functionality for Ops Director 1.0. We're excited to announce the availability 
of Ops Director Technical Preview. Technical Preview is the last milestone 
before GA of the tool, and it’s a great opportunity for the team to get broader 
feedback for the final push to GA.

In the Technical Preview you can:

  *   Install and configure Ops Director
  *   Setup a multi-cluster monitoring environment
  *   Login and explore the Ops Director GUI
  *   View the Monitor Dashboard
  *   View and search event logs, system alerts, and tasks of your instances
  *   Get resource information in the Manage Tab
  *   Analyze resource performance in the Analyze tab

The team is eager to get feedback on these features, and invites you to 
download and install Ops Director Technical Preview from<>. You'll be able to submit 
feedback on that site as well.

We look forward to hearing from you about this new tool!


Dave Cassel, @dmcassel<>
Technical Community Manager
MarkLogic Corporation<>
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