Hello Community,

I have a question regarding a strange behavior difference between term queries 
and value queries.

During some test for a new service, my team and I were trying to query 
documents based on a value query and the german language (xml:lang=”de”).
However the query result was empty, but we do know there are documents that 
should match.

So I test around a bit and found out that if you send a raw combined query (via 
the Java API) to the REST service of MarkLogic ,
the server just ignores any language set via the query options.

To make things clear for you, I created a simple test case that shows this 
behavior. In a fresh new database with default settings I created 4 test 
documents via the following XQuery:

xdmp:document-insert("/demo1.xml", <root><element 
xdmp:document-insert("/demo2.xml", <root><element xml:lang="en">long-term 
hydrostatic strength</element></root>);
xdmp:document-insert("/demo4.xml", <root><element>long-term hydrostatic 

As you can see, the documents are tagged differently by language or have no 
tagging at all (which should result in English by default).

Now I am searching for the document with the following command:

search:resolve(<query xmlns="http://marklogic.com/appservices/search"; 
                <value-query type="string">
<element ns="" name="element"/>
                     <text>long-term hydrostatic strength</text>
<search:options xmlns:search="http://marklogic.com/appservices/search";>

So if you execute the search with the English word “long-term hydrostatic 
strength” and “<search:term-option>lang=en</search:term-option>” within the 
query options part,
all is fine and it results in 2 found documents (for both value-query and 

<search:response snippet-format="snippet" total="2" start="1" page-length="300" 
  <search:result index="1" uri="/demo2.xml" 
path="fn:doc(&quot;/demo2.xml&quot;)" score="14336" confidence="0.5296452" 
hydrostatic strength</search:highlight></search:match>
  <search:result index="2" uri="/demo4.xml" 
path="fn:doc(&quot;/demo4.xml&quot;)" score="14336" confidence="0.5296452" 
hydrostatic strength</search:highlight></search:match>

The same applies if you try to run this with German language and the German 
equivalent term “Zeitstand-Innendruckfestigkeit”. And the third scenario does 
also work: searching for
the German term with no language constraint will result in one found document 
(with both term-query and value-query).

However if you do above query for the English term with the language constraint 
“<search:term-option>lang=de</search:term-option>” within the query options,
it results in no documents found for the term-query but in 2 found documents 
for the value-query!
In other words it seems that the value-query just ignores the language 
constraint set by the query options.

My question for this long story is: Is this a desired behavior or is this 
something I should report to MarkLogic support as a bug?
Mit freundlichen Grüßen
i.A. Hubertus Willuhn
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