Hi Geert,

Thank you for your response.

I guess it is just something we are wondering about. If we changed Servers or 
hardware, would there be a chance for duplicates. There is no other specific 
reason though.



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Hi Abhinav,

Can you elaborate on what you mean with ‘unique across environments’?


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Subject: [MarkLogic Dev General] Unique GUID generation in MarkLogic

Hi All,

We are exploring ways to generate GUIDs. We just want to be sure that the GUIDs 
are unique always and we have a requirement that these GUIDs should be even 
unique across environments. There should not be same GUID in two MarkLogic 

We found sem:uuid-string() function from documentation and seems like a good 
point to start with. However we are not sure if this method returns unique 
across environments.

Can someone guide or provide more information on GUID generation, any third 
party open source library which we can use.

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