Version 1.0 of the IntelliJ XQuery + MarkLogic Debugger plugin is now
available from the JetBrains plugin repository.  If you have an older
version installed, IntelliJ may have already notified you that it’s
available.  If you don’t have it installed, open IntelliJ Preferences >
Plugins > Browse Repositories, then search for MarkLogic.  Just click to

   Sorry for not getting the 1.0 version out sooner.  In addition to the
usual lack of time, recent builds of IntelliJ changed several things that
caused a lot of heartburn and it took a while to sort out the proper
dependencies and workarounds.  One side effect of that is the plugin now
requires a recent IntelliJ build (173.3727.127 or higher), so update IDEA
if you haven’t already.

   There are quite a few significant fixes and a few updates in v1.0.  In
particular the jar clashes should be fixed and a documentation lookup for
MarkLogic functions has been added to the MarkLogic menu.  It’s not the
most elegant UI, but it’s functional.  I’ll try to improve it in future
versions.  It should be generally more robust now as well.

   Please try it out and send feedback either to me directly or via the
Issues tab on the GitHub project.  I’m especially keen to know how well it
works on the other IntelliJ variants, such as WebStorm, PyCharm, etc.

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