Hi Team,

Currently we upgraded Mark Logic 7 (ML7 is integrated in Cloud environment)  to 
Mark Logic 9 using following steps

1.       Create parallel  environment

2.       Take snapshot of old EBS volume and Make it as new volume

3.       Create cloud formation template

4.       Setup MarkLogic 9 in EC2

5.       Attach the EBS snapshot with new EC2

6.       Login to Admin interface

7.       Admin interface asks to upgrade the security and other configuration 

8.       Click Ok

9.       Everything is ok content DB, modules DB , security DB but application 
is not up

10.   Get following Error while launch the application

XDMP-BADCHAR: (err:XPST0003) Unexpected character found '&' (0x0026)

The steps I have followed is right ?
Any compatibility issue between MarkLogic 9 and MarkLogic 7 xdmp:functions  ?

I am new to MarkLogic, Kindly guide me.

Thanks & Regards,

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