On Wed, 19 Sep 2007, Bill Barker <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
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>> JaMon cannot be built by Gump since having two versions of 
>> Tomcat on CLASSPATH doesn't work.  Unfortunately both javac 
>> tasks are in the same target.  Allow JaMON to use its own 
>> versions of Tomcat jars
> Which is why it can't possibly build with the newer Tomcat's.  If
> you look in build.xml, it only uses TC 4 (effectively meaning that
> they don't support Tomcat).

I think there are two different versions of Tomcat involved, one in
catalina.jar and one in catalina_tomcat4.jar.  The first one is used
during the first javac task, the second on the second.  With only
Tomcat4 the first task will fail.

Somehow Gump ignores my build.sysclasspath setting, I guess we make
sure that it is not overridden or that the workspace setting takes
precedence.  Need to dive into the code here.


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