On 2009-01-09, Bill Barker <wbar...@wilshire.com> wrote:

> We've had some build failures due to an outdated jdtcore eclipse jar (Tomcat
> in particular).  Since for all practical purposes, this is the only eclipse
> jar that projects <depend /> on, I only replaced this jar and only on vmgump
> (which AFAIK is the only one I have a login to).

yell if you feel you'd need access to helios (which hadn't run any
Gump builds for a month because it needed a manual svn update to
accept the new ASF certificate - and I didn't notice before

I've updated helios (can't do claris either) and renamed the
directory.  I also changed the file location on vmgump and will update
it to use the svn source for packages early next week.

> Of course, the true gump-way &trade; would be to make eclipse a
> built project ;).

I'm afraid of the number of dependencies this would add.  Then again,
I don't know anythng about Eclipse or its build process.


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