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>> Commons JCI is currently failing[1] because of its janino dependency -
>> which appears to be a packaged 2.3.8 version. JCI currently depends on
>> the latest janino 2.5.10 release.

>> Since JCI use a maven2 build - could it not download the version it
>> requires and get rid of this packaged project (doesn't seem like
>> anything else uses it) - or update the packaged janino to the latest
>> version?

> I usually don't have a lot of spare cycles during the work week.  But as I
> understand <mvn /> builds, simply removing the reference to janino from the
> commons metadata will do what you want.

No, it most likely wouldn't have any effect.  <depend>/<option> only
determine build order in mvn projects, the mvn build itself will get
Gump built artifacts (or installed packages) for everything that has
been built by the time mvn asks for them.

If janino isn't used by any other project, simply removing it is the
best thing to do.


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